I want to start off by asking a question to you as a creative, are you telling your authentic story or are you just looking for a hit record?  I think at times most artist are more concerned about wanting a hit record but have missed an important concept that can change their life. Authenticity is really a big key to your success and you may not even realize it because you may want to fit what the music industry says that you need to be.  The great thing about our new music landscape of discovery you as an creative no longer have to fit into a box. I know after being around many great creatives over the years that have great music it’s not necessarily music that may fit the mainstream landscape. In the indie music world it’s totally about finding your audience. Finding your audience is crucial because once you accomplish and know your target audience then now you get into the process of relationship building. Relationship building is at the root of building your core. There’s something extremely encouraging and refreshing when you can operate from your own perspective.

Here’s what most indie artists must always remember, your supporters connect to you before they connect to your music. When you really think about it they really care more about your story because that’s where the connection and relationship really becomes real. Most artists write from very personal experiences and so nine times out of ten someone else listening to your music will relate to what you are conveying in your music which you can now call “telling your story”.  If you care about have a long career and having your solid core this is a major element that truly is essential for your career. Fans and supporters really love to invest into your journey through the art that you release into the world.

Sometimes as creators you want to experience the feeling of knowing that you have a hit record and a great song that reaches the top of the charts, but the reality is that a great song doesn’t always make it to the top. Awareness is one of the things that creatives desire the most as an independent creative in my opinion. Remember that by telling your story organically through your music and connecting the audience you will build a business that is rewarding, profitable, and long lasting.

“Making A Difference In The Indie Creative Community”

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