“I believe what is most needed for indie creatives to be successful in today’s music industry is a thorough education of the business of music.”

– Durell Peart

Durell Peart

“I thoroughly enjoy making a positive impact on others daily. My passion is helping indie creatives navigate this ever changing industry of music and building a global brand and core community of supporters.   

I am also an advocate for the special needs community and want to show that living with a disability should be embraced. Our community is filled with many individuals who continuously defy the odds and obstacles in which they overcome every single day.” 


Send me a text @ +1(407)326-2352 & let’s connect.  

Work With Durell

Artist/Brand Development Consultation Sessions

Are you a new indie creative entering the music industry? The industry has changed and the barriers to entry make it very easy to create and release music. Having the proper framework in place is the key to success in building a core audience. Durell’s coaching sessions will set you up to explore your ideas and then allow him to coach you through your mistakes along your new journey building a career as a professional creative. Take his free creative assessment and let’s see where you are and if he’s the right fit to join your team. Sessions are booked hourly or on a 4-month retainer.

(Pricing Available Upon Request)

International Digital Distribution

Durell believes in helping indie creatives get their music into as many territories across the world. He is able to place music from indie creatives in 240+ countries.

(Pricing & Servicing Available Upon Request)


Recent Speaking Engagements

Durell Speaking At The Comradery Records Launch Party & Indie Artist Showcase In Sanford FL.
“How To Build A Core Audience & Why The Business Side Of The Music Industry Matters For Indie Creatives”

Durell Speaking At The Ah Nu Neo Soul Artist Showcase In Orlando, FL.
“Indie Creatives Trust Your Journey”


Indie Hip Hop Creative Jerusalemm Speaks On His Experience Working With Durell & Says That He’s A “Voice For The Indie Artist Community”

Indie Hip-Hop Pop Creative XJShawX Speaks On His Experience Working With Durell


“As a Late night show TV host, I have had the pleasure to work with Durell and his artists many times over the years. His professionalism, personality, attention to details, deep knowledge of the Entertainment industry and most noticeably, his passion, made it very easy for us to connect. As a Manager, his commitment to his artists growth and development was a top priority. Durell was a reliable business partner and always delivered on his promises. I highly recommend Durell as a very dependable professional.”

Samy Priso

TV Host, Senior Writer, Producer Of “The Samy Priso Show”, Entertaiment & Media Entreupreneur , Afrotainment.Tv

“I recommend Durell services with its structure and knowledge for guiding new and emerging indie creatives as they enter the new  music industry. His company Double N Management & Marketing Group is a great place to be for creatives and provides a solid American structure”.

Fabrice Lana

CEO & Founder, Chez FLP Radio (France)

“Music reaches its greatest potential when it is appreciated and loved by the worldwide audience. Sound Republica is very proud to announce that we will introduce the music of all genres from Durell Peart  & his  company Double N Management & Marketing Group to South Korea, which will help broaden and strengthen the music spectrum of the Korean audience. Together, with the newly formed partnership between the two companies, we will let the world hear your music!!! “

Marty Ro (Left) Terry Kim (Right)

Co-Founders/Co-CEO's , Sound Republica Inc. (Seoul, Korea)

“Durell, Is a real hands-on manager who never stops educating himself and his clients. He knows that nothing in the entertainment business is easy just like in life but with determination and a solid plan amazing things can happen. I’ve only met one of his artists but they are running a tight ship that checks all the boxes”

Barry Coffing

Songwriter, Producer, CEO, Music Supervisor Inc.

“It is with great confidence that I recommend Durell Peart. His positivity and spirit of giving is nothing short of inspiring. I’ve been witness to Durell’s regularly giving of time and expertise to support students. He’s a consummate connector of professionals in the entertainment industry, and on numerous occasions has arranged amazing industry guests to visit and speak with students. It has been an immense pleasure to know and spend time with Durell.”

Israel Vasquetelle

Educator, Media Executive , Full Sail University, Insomniac Magazine

“Oh Mr. Peart! What can we say about Durell! To start, he is nothing short of amazing. I’ve seen, first hand mind you, just what he does to help so many aspiring musicians and artists, and inspire so many others when it comes to following their dreams. Of course he would do this because he, too is following his dreams and passion to the very fullest. He’s a perfect example of what happens when you put in the work and dedicate yourself. His success is certainly earned and well-deserved. I personally admire his hard work, his tenacity, his full-on drive, and his encouraging spirit. He’s very passionate about what he does and is very goal-oriented. He is driven by results and doesn’t stop until he gets the result he’s looking for. He sets out to accomplish something and you better believe he’s going to get it done. I fully recommend Durell for any opportunity that presents itself to him. He’s definitely the man for the job!”

James Johnson

Founder/CEO , Urban GrandStand Digital Magazine /Publishing


Durell loves building, connecting, & working with indie creatives, music industry professionals and those looking to make a difference in the lives of those living with special needs.

Feel free to drop him a line and connect.

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