Setting the proper foundation for your career in any business is very crucial in setting yourself up for success.  When it comes to building your career as an independent creative building and setting the proper foundation is equally important. There are so many things that you  should make sure is in order to make sure that this is properly executed.

As I’ve mentioned in past blog posts, fans want experiences in order to really connect and want to be a part of your musical journey. Indie artists should create content and experiences that keep their super fans constantly wanting more from them.  A great example of this can be seen from the great legendary visionary Walt Disney.

Walt Disney was like none other when it came to giving his customers a once in a lifetime memorable experience. He paid attention to every single detail when creating the overall guest experience. When guests visit Disney World for the very first time, they’re often in awe of all that encompasses the full hospitality that the theme park presents daily. The hospitality aspect of the experience in my opinion was the most important part of laying down the necessary foundation in order to make Walt Disney World a success.

When looking at your career as an indie artist you should prepare and look to lay down a proper foundation in the same exact way that Walt Disney did with his vision for Disney World. Paying attention to proper detail as an indie artist is what can truly set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Most of the indie creatives in my experience who have been successful are often aware of every single detail of their career.

I often think of what successful independent creative & tech entrepreneur  Ryan Leslie says about his career in music, he often states that all the content that he releases is an “advertisement” so that his fans will show up to his live show experience. The live show experience is extremely important in laying down a foundation for your career as an indie artist. Often if you can get your supporters to buy a ticket to your show, you will be able to monetize your art exponentially over just releasing your music for digital download.

The reason for this is because your fans who really love what you do will want to support you in every way they can by not only buying your physical EP, or album, but also they will buy your ancillary products such as your merchandise. Giving an unforgettable experience to your consumer is what will set you a part from the rest and gain you more and more super fans that continue ti help generate revenue for your business.

If you are able to successfully lay down the necessary foundation for your career as an indie creative you will continue to see growth within your business and attract the right people to allow you to stay completely independent where you can stay true to your vision and the artistry that you want to give to the world.

“Making A Difference In The Creative Community”

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