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BRASH Inspiration Spotlight “Durell Peart”

BRASH! Magazine is a digital entertainment publication designed to highlight Independent Artists, Labels, and business professionals within the underground music scene.

Urban Grandstand Digital Magazine: The Power Issue: Cover Story Durell Peart: “Reign Of Independence”

 U.G. Digital Magazine has become one of the stronger names in digital urban media. Over the last six years, they have featured a who’s who listing of celebrities, power-figures, and business owners while focusing on the positive attributes of their subjects’ careers.

Urban Magazine: “The Executive Power Segment Presents: Durell Peart”.  

Urban Magazine is a full color urban lifestyle publication covering culture, entertainment, fashion and sports as they relate to their urban audience.

We Are Jersey Magazine Presents Spotlight Feature: Durell Peart, Founder/CEO Of Double N Management & Marketing Group.

We Are Jersey Magazine is a online publication with the goal and design to provide exposure, references, and resources that will influence all those aspiring to do something positive with the talents they possess through the lives of the individuals that are highlighted in the magazine, it is the desire of We Are Jersey Magazine to encourage, uplift, and inspire anyone to continue to soar to greater heights and deeper depths with their abilities. While We Are Jersey Magazine primarily focuses on talent within the state of New Jersey, it is open to talent presented from abroad.

Let Us Live Magazine Issue #2: Love Is Power Issue Presents “Let Us Live In Truth” Spotlight Feature: Durell Peart

Let Us Live Magazine is a lifestyle magazine that was created off of purpose and unconditional love. The magazine features individuals who are making moves closer to their dreams, impacting others and bringing awareness to personal issues which ultimately help change perspectives and lives.


Durell Peart’s Masterclass Via The Tennessee Takeover Radio Show,  Hosted By Phelo The Great Powered By Boss Radio Live.

Durell was a guest on “The Tennessee Takeover Show where he shared how he got started on his journey in music. He also shared some insight on how indie creatives can create unique experiences that helps to genuinely engage and build a core audience.

The Indie Grind Podcast  Hosted By Rhasheeda Davis Presents: Durell Peart Powered By The Hindsight Media Network.
Durell was a guest on this episode of “The Indie Grind Podcast”. During the episode Durell discusses the business side of the entertainment industry and why he believes indie creatives should put a major emphasis on being global rather than famous.

Indie Art Magazine Presents: Durell Peart Feature (August/September 2020 Issue)

Independent Artist Magazine is a online digital publication that embodies the vision  of providing a platform that inspires independent artists and creatives. “All People Dream, Some People Create, Few People Inspire. WE INSPIRE THE CREATIVE DREAMER.”


Ford Entertainment Magazine Presents: Durell Peart Feature (Issue #64)


Finding Direction Podcast W/ Stu Massengil Feat. Durell Peart: Episode 75: “Embrace Your Gifts”

Durell was a guest on Stu Massengil’s (one of Tony Robbins’ national trainers) podcast entitled “Finding Direction”. Durell speaks about how to embrace the gifts that you’ve been given in life and how to use them as a strength to figure out where you will strive the most doing the things you love. Durell also speaks on how to stop comparing yourself to others, and combining your why along with your passion as one of the major keys to finding direction and living a most fulfilled life.

I talk with many indie creatives about the importance of making investments that will help create visibility and awareness of your brand. I know that for most of us in today’s digital landscape the medium of choice is social media, but it’s still cool sometimes to include some traditional promotion vehicles as well. With that being said I’m happy to announce that my very first promotional  digital billboard has gone up in New York City Times Square!!!! I was born in  NY so this is pretty cool to see this!!! I want to give a big s/o and thanks to @Skylyn Hagins for helping to make this happen!!!!

WIB (Where It Begins Magazine)

W.I.B (Where It Begins) is an Independent agency with the aim to always innovate in each approach taken to projects and making sure excellence is given in a projects execution when it comes to media marketing, branding, networking, and management.
Founded by the well-experienced and ever-growing force; D.C native – Cece Hymes, the most important and integral aspect of W.I.B is that branding for both Creatives and Businesses is taken to the next level with each and every project undertaken.
We’ve continued to represent a very diverse and well-acclaimed roster of emerging talents in entertainment, and businesses!

(March 2021 Issue)

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