When it comes to building a relationship that is strong and long lasting there are many elements that factor into this. Two of the major factors that come into play are establishing solid trust and having open communication. These are extremely important in building a strong foundation for a successful relationship both personally and professionally. I think there are some awesome examples of this in our society today. When I take a look at the relationship between former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama. Their relationship to me seems to be the epitome of what solid trust and communication is and should be.  What they bring to the world impacts so many people across our country and even the world, which is a wonderful thing.

A manager and artist relationship in my opinion should truly function in the same way. I believe that this relationship is really key for an artist to create and establish a solid foundation is assembling their team.  I would always advise an artist to really know who you are getting into proverbial   “bed” with. The obvious reason that you’ve chosen to get into business with each other is because you feel that your relationship will benefit both parties. I liken the dynamic of this relationship to a musical “marriage”.  A successful marriage is based on open trust and communication. As an artist manager their job is to advise their client with their best interest in mind. I can tell you from experience that I always do my best to advise my clients and have their back. I have had experiences where I’ve worked with clients that I honestly felt didn’t have my back. I feel that there should be a conscious effort on both sides to fight for each other. Also another important dynamic is to know that at all times we their must be a sense of true honesty. Knowing that you can talk to each other about anything is also what makes for a great relationship.

Indie artists when you are looking for a potential manager make sure you really get to know the individual. In my opinion it’s about building a real rapport with them. I would advise to see how the conduct themselves in certain situations especially in business. It is very important that you are comfortable with their dynamic. Having a manager that you have to always be on top of is never a recipe for success. Even though your manager works for you, that don’t give you the right to boss them around. I think it’s very important to make your manager feel very appreciated.  Remember that having a strong T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More), I feel success is definitely eminent.

“Making A Difference In The Indie Creative Community”

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