I decided to create this blog because I want to continue to be an advocate for indie creatives and helping to navigate this crazy thing called the music business. The barriers to entry for the industry has become so low because of the internet and technology. I feel what is missing is the fact that when creatives enter the business they often lack the education necessary to be able to successfully create a roadmap for success. The music industry doesn’t work like any other industry because it’s predicated on people and relationships and the ability to cultivate the relationships into successful relationships in which all parties benefit. I like to build relationships that are long lasting and genuine because I find those are the ones that stand the test of time.

I am also going to share posts about what it is like to live with a special need. I feel that I have the task of being a voice for individuals that are often undervalued but are extremely important to society. I’ve been very fortunate to be recognized for the work I’ve done working with creatives as well as traveling to countries abroad that I’d never thought I would ever be able to touch down in.

I look forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of my clients ,friends and colleagues while  “doing my part” in fighting the good fight in this journey called life.

“Making A Difference In The Indie Creative Community”

Till Next Time


Durell Peart is a speaker, artist manager, and music business consultant who is passionate about helping indie creatives navigate the new music industry. He also is an advocate for being a voice for those who live with a special need and being a voice for the community.

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